CTM2 System


GREENCROWN Water’s patented centrifugal and multi-media systems are a new generation that is precisely engineered for Sub-Micron Filtration at facilities with cooling towers and chiller systems. Depending on the application we use our multi-media or centrifugal separator filters to remove the “Dead Bacteria” and Total Suspended Solids (TSS). Our CTM2 System is the most comprehensive and highly efficient system in the market today. If you are building a state of the art building then you need to protect your piping and equipment throughout the building. Today’s materials are designed to last, but we are only as good as are weakest link. Do not let your lack of a proper filtration system destroy millions of dollars of equipment over time. The system has been designed for optional ancillary benefits by saving in many areas such as water, power, labor and maintenance annually.
GO Transit Ozone InjectionGREENCROWN Water’s patented centrifugal

Benefits of CTM2

– Filters from 1 micron average down to sub-micron level
– Easily retrofits to existing installation
– Hybrids to existing Chemical system
– Meets ASME and ANSI codes
– Integrates other Disinfection System
– Controlled and filtered backwash returns to the process with minimal loss
– Used in Full-Stream or Side-Stream Filtration
– 304, 316 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Construction
– Control Panels with rated NEMA class Enclosures
– All Electrical components meets CSA, CUL, UL/FM, NEC Codes
– Steel piping (Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel) or PVC(Sch 80) piping available
– Heavy duty, inverter type cast iron pump and suction strainer available
– Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC with NEMA 4X enclosure
– Web Alert Process monitor with 6-point I/O alerts for remote easy access to the water treatment process
-Total integrated system prevents scale formation, controls corrosion, prevents growth of bacteria.
– Incorporate basin sweeping with eductor nozzles and rotating nozzles preventing stagnation of water





GREENCROWN Water’s patented and patent pending systems control bacteria in conjunction with existing chemicals and multiple redundancies to make it nearly impossible for a disease outbreak such as legionnaires.
In every case of uncontrolled bacteria breakouts there was a human error or negligence. GCW Hybrid disinfection systems prevent this with use of existing chemicals and some of the following options depending on application: Ultra-Violet, Ozone, and copper-silver ionization. At the same time we are releasing ions of copper and silver, and/or electro-magnetic frequencies to destroy the bacteria’s habitat. In case of open loop cooling towers, the right amount of Ozone dosage is properly applied to prevent and control growth of bacteria in the cooling tower itself. The depletion of the Ozone in the basin also reaches the “dead legs” in the equalizing lines between tower cells. If the habitat is destroyed it avoids the high risk of the bacteria going into hibernation during the cooler months and coming back in the warmer months.


WHR Cooling Towers GREENCROWN Multi-Media system disinfection

GREENCROWN Multi-Media system disinfection points beyond chemical treatment:

  • Electronic Precipitator – restructures water molecule so organic contaminants may precipitate.
  • Copper – Silver Ionization – will kill the bacteria by piercing and opening the membrane
  • Media filter – will take the bacteria levels down to 1 micron or less and improve turbidity
  • UV light – will denature any bacteria’s protein altering its DNA so it will not grow
  • Ozone – will oxidize and disinfect by killing any additional bacteria passing though or within the cooling tower

Benefits of GREENCROWN System:

  • Water Savings of more than 30% on Cooling Tower Water
  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Reduction in Maintenance time and labor costs
  • Remove Scaling and Corrosion without Removing Pipes or Basin
  • Remove Human Error to Ensure Bacteria Control to Prevent Legionella Outbreaks
  • System uses ASHRAE & Cooling Tower Institute Best Practices
  • Return on Investment with being Cash Flow Positive 1st Month
  • Grants & Incentives in certain areas in the United States
  • Best Practices used as suggest by the United States Department of Environmental Protection – EPA
  • Prevent Continuous Cooling Tower Cleaning that is Unnecessary
  • 24/7 Monitoring System to Alert of potential High Bacteria Levels
  • Designed by World Renown Doctor of Microbiology and Professional Engineer that has authored over 15 patents in Disinfection, Filtration and water conservation technologies who is a Principle at GREENCROWN.
  • LEED Points