GPM 2k System

Cold Water Domestic Savings

GREENCROWN Water Systems GPM 2k series is an innovative water conservation system that focuses on meeting a facilities goals in reducing gallons per minute being used. The savings have been recorded up to 23.5% of the overall water usage.

The GPM 2k series is designed as an intelligent water conservation system that adjusts to changes in the current water pressure and reducing any unnecessary amounts of water into the facility at any given time. Furthermore, the system will alert you of any possible water leaks, monthly savings and added options to control remote shuts offs in case of excessive water leaks or flooding.

The system allows for measures and verification’s that are of revenue grade. This is achieved by time over time comparisons.

Our systems are legally recognized by the local governing bodies and installed compliance with local and federal codes accompanied with permits and engineered drawings.







  • The GPM 2K SYSTEM has no wear point and the Stainless Steel construction provides a longer life span to wear and little to no maintenance is required.
  • The GPM 2K SYSTEM does not contain internal springs which are prone to break within 24 months.
  • The GPM 2K SYSTEM Design cannot cause water hammer.
  • The GPM 2K SYSTEM is designed to precisely control flow with a minimal pressure loss.
  • GPM 2K SYSTEM provides more precision in controlling the amount of flow by allowing you to adjust anytime without shutting down the water supply.
  • The GPM 2K SYSTEM is designed to a higher tolerance and needs less open area for its moving parts.
  • The GPM 2K SYSTEM design allows debris/sediment to pass through without blocking or restricting flow.
  • Complaint free – No return visits required by your plumbers or quality control teams



Additional Water Saving Benefits

  • Optimizing Pressure and controlling gallons per minute are 2 of the key parameters that allow water distribution systems to operate at peak performance and one of the most reliable ways to save water.
  • Too little pressure will make a system incapable of supplying the needs of residents, guests, customers and compromises water quality. In the worst-case scenario, not having enough pressure hampers the ability to deliver adequate flow for fire fighting. Conversely, too much pressure leaves a system vulnerable to pipe breaks and background leakage. The GPM 2k series adjusts to the dynamic pressure continuously to ensure safety, customers needs and maximizes savings without affecting quality.
  • The GPM 2k Series is the ideal solution to effectively optimize water distribution pipeline pressure and gallons per minute reduction to achieve water savings.
  • 24/7 Leak Detection
  • Savings Reports
  • Cloud Based System with Alerts

Water Conservation using GPM 2k Series

  • Water Savings: Water will flow through a GPM 2k system as much at 120psi pressure than at 40psi. This extra water is wasted.
  • Energy Savings: Is very simple when less water flows through the system, then less energy is needed to heat domestic hot water. Calculations will show that a GPM 2k system can save as much as 30% on domestic water heating costs.
  • Wastewater Savings: The local municipalities prorate sewer usage fees based upon the water meter reading, so using less water will also benefit over long term for the community.


Water Conservation Chart

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