Sustainability FIRST

Waterless Urinals

Each urinal is made of high quality Polycarbonate. The urinal will never discolor, are virtually indestructible and are also splash-proof. Weighing only 10 pounds, shipping and installations costs are far less than traditional urinals. They do not need to have the same secure fastening found in a 25-50-pound ceramic urinal. The simple installation will not require 2-3 plumbers because of the lightweight. The heavier ceramic urinals require at least 2 plumbers for installation. Our urinals contribute up to 10 out of 11 possible LEED Points.

Urinal Maintenance

Our waterless urinal was designed to combat ALL the negatives surrounding the waterless industry, not only the odors. Our traps are completely sealed and will not allow gases to flow back into a washroom at any time. Our urinals are 100% (foul) odor free but that’s not even the biggest benefit of our technology.

Each urinal trap consists of microbiological agents that neutralizes the acidity in urine and softens urine stones. This means that the enzymes will protect the plumbing from deterioration and eliminate calcium and urea build up. This technology has been around for 2 decades and has even been known to reverse the negative effects of previously installed urinals (see attached images). Our traps last up to 10,000 usages and have a clear indicator letting the maintenance team know when they are ready to be changed. Most others last up to 5,000 usages and do not have a clear indicator.

It’s quite simple: Each trap is BLUE. When they turn Red, “RED is dead” and they need to be changed. Changing each trap literally takes seconds.

Preventative Maintenance

Our Active Cleaner consists of the same microbiological agents located in each trap but in a liquid form. Each urinal has a smooth surface without imperfections for urine to sit thus creating bacteria, odors and discoloration. By utilizing our cleaner to clean each urinal, this will prolong the lifecycle of each trap. Even if the maintenance staff does not change a trap right away, the combination of utilizing both the trap and cleaner will produce a coating in the pipes preventing the issues mentioned previously over the short term. This provides extra protection against human error. This cleaner is 100% Chemical Free and can replace ALL other cleaners within a washroom.