What We Do


GREENCROWN Water can develop, design, engineer and install water conservation and disinfection systems for the private sector, municipalities, State and Federal Government.

Our consultants go into the field and take a complete site survey with the full understanding of the facilities overall water usage. This information is taken back to our engineering team which is led by a Doctor in Fluids engineering and Microbiology to recommend the products that are needed to meet the client’s goals. Our team of engineers consults fellow engineers and architects on how to make sustainable designs and achieve LEED points to meet the organizations goals. Our in house engineering team designs gray water systems, desalination plants, pressurized water systems, anti-bacterial systems, waste water treatment systems and many other water related products. YOU TELL US YOUR WATER SAVINGS GOAL AND WE WILL MEET or EXCEED YOUR GOALS!


At GREENCROWN Water Systems we commit to maximizing our clients savings that may be based around local or federal government requirements for LEED points goals or reducing net operating expenses.

The technologies we manufacture, design, and implement are Cooling tower systems for water conservation, filtration and disinfection. In addition, gray water systems that could recycle up to 50% of water within a building system, water purification with reverse osmosis, UV, Ozone, and activated carbon filters, WHR water hardness reducers, waste water system treatment and desalination plants.